To Be again 13 – The Concluding Chapter

It was the 16th, a day before the proposed arrest of Gbenga and his men. Femi lay on his back on his bed watching the blades of the ceiling fan roll at full speed. He couldn't help but compare his situation to that of the fan blades as his life was like a roller coaster [...]


To Be Again – Chapter 12

Femi sat in the lab of Grace Hospital, Iponri waiting for the result of the CT-scan he'd done that evening. He couldn't afford to return home with doubts of perfect health, not after the blow he suffered at the hands of Gbenga's men. He shook his head at the thought of Gbenga Folahan. The man [...]

To Be Again – Chapter 11

His heart pounded out of his chest as he was shoved out of the van, onto the ground by his captors. He thought of escaping but it was useless. He was blindfolded and his hands had been tied. Even if these were not in place, if he was opportune to see his captors and had [...]

To Be Again – Chapter 9

Click to read the previous chapter *** It was another Friday evening and another time for Gbenga Folahan to enjoy the company of one of the many women in his life. He'd desired and chosen Milagros again, the same private lounge in Lekki that one of his friends had introduced him to. Even though he had promised himself that he wouldn’t [...]

To Be Again – Chapter 8

Femi frowned as the ray of the morning sun traveling through the bedroom window fell on his face. He covered his face with his palms and turned his back to the window. He wasn't ready to get out of bed yet and he wasn't interested in the sun's attempt to make him do so. He’d [...]

Favourite Work of Art

Under the star lit sky on that cold night we walked the path that led to her mother's house. She had my coat for warmth and I had her hand in mine. Call me a fool but that was enough warmth for me. "The stars are beautiful tonight," she stopped and pointed at the sky. [...]

To Be Again – Chapter 7

Click to read the previous chapter *** Saturday, some minutes past 1 pm Femi pushed open the door to the hospital building and without talking to anyone, he ran straight to his cousin’s ward. The bed where his cousin once laid was empty and every plugged machine to aid his recovery had been turned off. [...]

To Be Again – Chapter 6

Saturday, some minutes past 10:00 am "Good day Mr Adetona. I'm so sorry for what happened to your cousin. How are you holding up?" Inspector Adams asked Femi as he walked into the inspector’s office. "What can I say? Look at me, I'm totally confused. I mean how do I tell his mother what happened?" "She doesn't know yet?" Inspector Adams asked [...]

I want you to know

I don't want you to think that I just care about you. Because care is freely given. I don't want you to think that to me, you are just a game Because games are to pass time. What is love if not the fact that I want what is best for you. But that is [...]

To Be Again – Chapter 5

Click to read the previous chapter *** Friday, 12:17 PM The ride to George's Aid hospital, Ikeja was a long one. Femi had never envisaged that he would spend three hours on the road from Lekki to Ikeja. He looked at the time from his wristwatch and saw that it was only 12:17, exactly thirty [...]

To Be Again – Chapter 4

Victor knocked the door to Ope’s flat and waited for an answer. He tapped his feet while waiting for a response, whistling as he did. He was going to meet with his new-found money mentor and not even the haunting of his cousin’s words of caution echoing in his head could stop him from seeing [...]

To Be Again – Chapter 3

Click to read the previous chapter *** Femi hit the alarm clock angrily as it let off its rather annoying tone, causing it to drop from the bedside table to the ground. He’d set the alarm to ring at 6:15 am, forty minutes after his usual wake up time. He’d woken up in the middle [...]

5 Common Misconceptions About Writers

As long as you’re human and you live among humans, you’ll have your ears fed with several perceptions on various subjects. These perceptions could be true, realistic or not. For example, growing up I saw a lot of cartoons with some characters labeled as superheroes. My young mind somehow convinced me back then that if [...]

To Be Again – Chapter 2

Click to read the previous chapter All asterisked words are interpreted at the end of this chapter  _________________________ Seun’s face lit up at the sound of footsteps down the hall. She sat up in bed and turned on the bedside lamp. Checking the time from the bedside clock, she realized it was almost 10pm. She shook her head. That was [...]